Aishe Vejdani (b.1986, Gonbad-e kavoos, Iran) is a multidisciplinary artist and an emerging filmmaker based in Turku, Finland. One of the recurring themes in her works is to trace the absence and erasure of female subjectivity within socio-cultural systems specifically found in her own familial memory. She attempts to recognise female subjectivity and mobilise its absence through laughter, imageries and moments she considers as visual hiccups and therefore pushes it into representation. Through her practice as an interdependent individual, she shapes and reshapes her identity in between of different awareness and cultural spaces.

Depending on her subject matter, she uses different disciplines such as painting, film, music, and video art. In her upcoming shows she will experiment with installation and animation. She has exhibited and screened in Finland and Iran.


Intensive Filmmaking course in the experimental film school: Academy of Moving

People and Images, Helsinki, Finland.

2012MA in Painting, Isfahan Art University, Iran.
2008BA in English Literature, Guilan University, Rasht, Iran.
2021Solo Exhibition in Myymälä 2, Helsinki, Finland.
2021Mänttä XXV Art Festival, Finland.
2020Group exhibition Stories from the Sea, Stories from the City, Stoa, Helsinki, Finland
Solo exhibition
2019From laughter to Cry, B-galleria, Turku, Finland.
2017From East to West: My Diary, Lauttasaaren Seurakunta Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
2016The One and Only, Alpo Jaakolan Patsaspuisto in Loimaa, Finland.
2016The One and Only, Loimaan Liikuntahalli in Loimaa, Finland.
Group exhibition
2020Group exhibition Stories from the Sea, Stories from the City, Stoa, Helsinki, Finland
2015Turkmen Painters, Dibaee Gallery Gonbade-Qabus, Iran.
2013Self-portraits and Portraits, Apadana gallery, Isfahan, Iran.
2015Group exhibition, Ateljee Hulmi, Loimaa, Finland.
2020Writer, Director and Editor of her first short film “Fog”.
2020Cinematographer for short film “A Start”, directed by Camille Navarro.
2020Cinematographer for short film “Flesh ain’t weak”, directed by Mariangela Pluchino.
2020Sound for short film “The Remains”, directed by Roxana Sadvokassova.
2020Assistant Director for short film “Leftovers”, directed by Shahi Derky.
2020Camera Assistant for short film “Dance with Me, Talk to Me, Let Me Be”, directed By Saara Hasan.
2020Gaffer for short film “Death in Paradise”, directed by Helena Alexandrova.
2014-2017Lead Singer in Turkmen Folklore Music group “Saira Dutar”, Gonbad-e kavoos, Iran.
2020Music Arranger and Singer for her short film “fog”.