Aishe Vejdani

Collective film, 2020.

Because They Were Three, They Were Four.

This collective short film 'Because They Were Three, They Were Four’ is co-written and co-directed with Aishe Vejdani (b. 1986, Gonbad Kavus, Iran) Shahi Derky (b. 1997, Damascus, Syria),) and Uzair Amjad’s(b.1989, Lahore, Pakistan). It utilises the premise of a video chat between three close friends to examine the multiple realities of a shared experience. The conversation between the three friends is anchored around one of their shared experiences. Each friend retells what they saw that night in the flickering light. A dog? A leash? Or a man walking backwards up the street? This retelling of the story manifests through a series of internal and external conversations and in the process reveals more about the times that the characters have lived or are currently living along with their passions and desires. Through storytelling which stems from a common point of departure, the work explores the plurality of truths, the many secrets of time enclosed in ‘the mundane’.

This film was shown in Stoa, summer 2020, among other artworks all curated by Elham Rahmati.

Screening at Stoa Gallery.

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