Aishe Vejdani

Short Film "Fog"

Year: 2020 / Original Title: Fog / Language: English / Genre: psychological drama / Duration: 9‘13’’ / Writer & Director: Aishe Vejdani / Producers: Academy of Moving People and Images, Aishe Vejdani.

A turkmen woman finds herself wrestling between an unsettling nightmare she had and the reality where she is spending a weekend with her Finn husband in a lake cottage. reality and nightmare get merged into each other and it's impossible to separate the two from each other. they become one.

This movie is an attempt to show identity and sense of being somewhere in between of different awareness, good and evil, self and other where they all neighbour each other to form a mosaic identity.

Link to watch the trailer:

"Fog" Still Image.

"Fog" Still Image.