Aishe Vejdani

Mänttä Art Festival, 13.6-31.8.2021.

To Err Is Human.

In summer 2021, I exhibited three of my paintings at Mänttä art festival, the biggest summer festival in Finland’s contemporary art scene, with Anna Ruth's curation. The theme of the festival was “To Err Is Human”. I engaged my paintings with theme through the story of origin>original sin>original err but in a context that is familiar yet odd in life and death/departure.

Stylistically I was inspired by Persian miniature in its application of colour and its playful use of space and dimension.

To see paintings in full size, click on the pictures.

 S7A7650 Pano 2 copy 2

 S7A7631 Pano

 S7A7680 Pano copy 2

Aside from my conscious effort to realize a painting series, there is one part in my process that it’s less conscious, yet has strong presence in helping me build the atmosphere and that is Turkmen folk music.

To honour that piece of Turkmen folk song that accompanied me through the process, helped me sooth my agony and build the atmosphere, I have sung the song and made a video using my paintings. You can watch the video at my instagram page @aishe.vejdani

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